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Amigos De Animales
Friends of the Animals

In Panama, Dr. Faris volunteers for a nonprofit organization called Amigos De Animales. Translated to English, Amigos De Animales means Friends of the Animals. It is a low cost spay & neuter service and they conduct a sterilization clinic on the last Sunday of every month. Usually over 200 cats and dogs are spayed and neutered at the monthly clinic. In the past 13 years, well over 13,000 animals from the Chiriqui province of Panama have been spayed and neutered at the clinic. Animal population control through this spay and neuter service has greatly reduced the number of stray and ferrel animals in Boquete and Chiriqui province, thereby reducing the suffering of innocent animals. Dr. Faris is happy to be able to participate in this important endeavor.

To see an amazing clinic day video click here

To read the full story of how Amigos De Animales was started in 2005, click here. Participating in the monthly spay/neuter clinic is a wonderful way to meet people and make a difference in the Boquete community. Dr. Faris is the "post-op" vet and helps animals recover as smoothly as possible from the anesthesia and surgery. If you are new to Boquete or an old timer, consider participating in the monthly clinic as a volunteer. It will help you integrate into this wonderful town and it will help the animals. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, click here.

Due to the Panamanian law that protects its professionals from foreign competition, Dr. Faris is not allowed to have a veterinary business here. All veterinary work Dr. Faris performs in Panama is volunteer service through the Amigos De Animales clinic the last Sunday of each month. Dr. Faris cannot respond to veterinary emergencies and she does not do surgery.

By volunteering for Amigos De Animales which is a Panamanian nonprofit organization, there are many opportunities for Dr. Faris to help animals with her veterinary skills and holistic medical training. A donation to Amigos De Animales is required for each animal she examines. You can pay in cash or click on the link below to make your donation.

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There are several Panamanian veterinary practices in Boquete and David. They are listed on Amigos De Animales website at this link. If you are interested in having your pet examined by Dr. Faris at the monthly clinic, you must make arrangements in advance of the clinic day and a donation is required. Please contact Ruby at Amigos De Animales or email Dr. Faris directly at

Even simple veterinary procedures can be difficult here and there are many medical presentations that Dr. Faris can't address with the limited equipment and supplies available. She does not treat problems requiring sedation or extreme restraint. Emergencies should always be taken to the nearest local veterinary service. For homeopathic consultation and prescribing, Dr. Faris offers online consultations. Fill out a New Client Registration form and Dr. Faris will respond. If you live in Panama, Dr. Faris can examine your pet at the Amigos De Animales building. Online consultation for holistic veterinary service is available for pet guardians everywhere.